I have quite a large collection of Nepenthes that started off with mainly highland species and some lowland plants too. I have always had an interest in Nepenthes, growing many different species from an early age. In the last few years I have built up my collection extensively.

In 2007 I travelled to Borneo to search for Orchids and the indigenous pitcher plants of the genus Nepenthes. There are about 170 species of these carnivorous plants in various sizes and colours. The number of hybrids is immense.

Certain species of Nepenthes are becoming extinct or extremely rare. For further information visitRare Nepenthes Collection

Here are some photographs of Nepenthes in my collection.

A Nepenthes trap is a modified leaf. At an early stage of leaf growth the central mid-rib starts to extend past the end of the leaf and a swelling develops at the very end. Over a period of time from weeks to months, a trap inflates, the lid pops open and it is ready to attract its pray.

Nepenthes hamata mature sized plant.

Nepenthes hamata mature sized plant.

A hybrid plant between N . veitchii x N. maxima growing in my greenhouse

N . veitchii x N. maxima

Nepenthes spatulata x N. robcantleyi

Nepenthes spathulata x N. robcantleyi

Species - N. boschiana

Species – N. boschiana

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