Hello and welcome to my blog website where I will be showing and describing plants growing in my garden that are not native to the UK.

My career as a botanical artist has led me to always look at plants although I regard myself just as much a plantsman and enjoy the challenge of getting unusual, rare or endangered plants growing under my watchful eye.

I have travelled to places such as Borneo to see Nepenthes growing wild. These carnivorous plants will never cease to amaze me with an array of colours, shapes, sizes, bizarre markings and adaptions to lure in their prey.  Australia is high on my list to go for plant hunts and it is great to research and source material on symbiotic relationships in plants. A particular specimen that I went to find in Cairns, Australia was that of the Ant House Plant.

My main interest and reason for putting this blog together is to share with you my up and coming collection of Banksia, Protea, leucadendron and Wollemi Pine that I am establishing to grow outdoors in the South of England.

Any information I share with you on this site is from my own personal observations and may not necessarily be scientific and true to any form of research literature on the specimens I discuss.